Here’s What I’m Adding To My Winter Makeup Bag For Some Sun-Kissed Vibes


Winter can be a bit dreary, but that doesn’t mean our makeup has to be! This season, I’m adding some products to my makeup bag to give me those sun-kissed vibes, even on the darkest days. Here’s what’s making the cut:

Bronzer: A bronzer is a must for achieving that sun-kissed look. I’m opting for a matte formula that will give me a natural, warmth to my complexion. I like to apply it to the high points of my face, like my cheekbones, temples, and nose.

Highlighter: To add some extra glow, I’m reaching for a highlighting powder or serum. A champagne or gold shade works well to mimic the look of sunlight on the skin. I apply it to the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and my cupid’s bow.

Blush: A pop of color on the cheeks is essential for a sun-kissed look. I’m choosing a peachy or coral blush to give me a fresh, rosy glow. I like to apply it to the apples of my cheeks for a natural flush.

Creamy Lipstick: Winter can be drying on the lips, so I’m reaching for a creamy lipstick that will keep my lips hydrated. A neutral shade, like beige or brown, will give me a subtle, effortless look.

Metallic Eyeshadow: To add some shine to my eyes, I’m incorporating a metallic eyeshadow into my look. Gold or bronze tones are perfect for creating a warm, sunlit effect. I’ll apply it to the center of my lids or as a accent in the inner corner.

Mascara: A good mascara is a makeup bag staple, and this winter I’m going for one that adds length and volume to my lashes. This will make my eyes look brighter and more awake.

Setting Spray: To make my makeup last all day, I’m using a setting spray. This will help my sun-kissed look stay in place and keep my skin looking fresh.

These are the products I’m adding to my winter makeup bag to bring some sunshine to my look. With a little bit of bronzer, highlighter, and a pop of color, I can embrace the winter months with a warm, glowing complexion. What are your favorite products for achieving a sun-kissed vibe in the winter? Share your tips in the comments below! 🌞

Remember, makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself.Experiment with different products and find what works best for you. Let’s bring some light and warmth to the winter with our makeup looks! 💄💖


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